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>>Biden: Areas Of Disagreement, But Debt Talks 'Productive'

(Washington, DC)  --  President Biden says the latest debt ceiling talks with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy were "productive."  In a statement, Biden noted that Monday's meeting at the White House was "about the need to prevent default and avoid a catastrophe for our economy."  While there are areas of disagreement, he said leaders and staff will "continue to discuss the path" toward a bipartisan deal.  After the meeting, McCarthy also labeled talks as productive.  Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeatedly warned that the U.S. could go into default if the debt ceiling isn't raised by June 1st.


>>TikTok Sues Montana

(Helena, MT)  --  TikTok is suing Montana over its new law banning the app.  The law prohibits Chinese-owned TikTok from operating in the state and doesn't allow residents to download the app to their phones.  The governor said there are legitimate spying issues involved and the federal government has already banned the app from official phones.  Lawyers for TikTok say the Montana law violates the First Amendment.


>>Hyundai, Kia Agree to $200 Million Settlement With Customers

(Undated)  --  Hyundai and Kia have settled a 200 million dollar class-action lawsuit over car thefts. The automakers have agreed to pay vehicle owners over claims that many of the automakers' cars and SUVs are too easy to steal because of a software defect. Owners are getting security software updates and reimbursement for losses. The settlement will be distributed to about nine milion owners.


>>Bud Light Buying Back Cases Of Beer

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Anheuser Busch is buying back cases of expired Bud Light from wholesalers after the Dylan Mulvaney controversy. The beer went unsold after the brewer's disastrous marketing partnership with the transgender influencer. A pair of Instagram posts by Mulvaney sparked a mix of online backlash causing a dip in Bud Light sales. The brewer says it is planning a branding revamp that will focus on the all-American themes of football and country music.

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