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>>GOP Debt Negotiators Say There's "Significant Gap" Between The Aisle

(Washington, DC)  --  With the potential for a historic default looming, GOP negotiators say a "significant gap" remains between Republicans and Democrats as they discuss raising the debt ceiling.  Republican lawmaker Patrick McHenry says the "fundamental issue of spending" still remains, while Representative Garret Graves told reporters that "until the White House recognizes that this is a spending problem," there will continue to be issues with the negotiations.  Their reports coincide with that of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy who said earlier Tuesday that negotiators are not at all close to a deal.  Negotiators from the White House and Speaker McCarthy's office are continuing to meet to try and come to an agreement before June. 


>>Ford To Keep AM Radio In Vehicles

(Detroit, MI)  --  Ford will keep AM radio in its vehicles.  CEO Jim Farley made the announcement on social media this week more than a month after the carmaker had decided it would not include AM radio in new vehicles starting in 2024.  Farley said Ford reversed the decision after speaking with policy leaders about the importance of AM radio as part of the emergency alert system.  The National Association of Broadcasters praised Ford for the decision, saying it "will keep Americans safe and informed, particularly in times of emergency."  The bipartisan AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act was recently introduced by a group of U.S. senators and house members.


>>Target Pulls Some Pride Merch After Violent Threats

(Undated)  --  Target is pulling some of it's gay pride merchandise after violent customers threatened several employees.  On Tuesday, the company released a statement saying since they introduced the collection, employees have experienced threats against their safety or wellbeing.  They said due to "volatile circumstances," Target will be "removing items that have been at the center of the most significant confrontational behavior."  The company has yet to reveal which particular items it will be removing.  The decision comes amid a nationwide debate over the civil rights of transgender people.  


>>Netflix Rolls Out Password Sharing Crackdown

(Los Gatos, CA)  --  The days of Netflix subscribers sharing their passwords are coming to an end.  The streamer began emailing customers Tuesday about its new password policy.  Netflix said the email will be sent to members in the U.S. who have been sharing their account outside their household.  Subscribers are given two options -- transfer a profile to a new membership or share an account with someone outside their household for about an extra eight bucks a month.  Netflix noted that subscribers in the same household will still be able to stream wherever they are including at hotels and vacation homes.


>>Apple Launches Agreement To Develop 5G Parts In U.S.

(Cupertino, CA)  --  Apple is launching a multibillion-dollar agreement to develop 5G components in the United States. The tech giant is joining forces with U.S.-based manufacturer Broadcom and the parts will be designed and built in various American hubs including in Colorado, where Broadcom has a facility. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a press release that his company will continue to invest in the American economy because it has an "unshakable belief in America's future."

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