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>>President Biden Stopping In Chicago Today

(Chicago, IL)  --  President Joe Biden is returning to Illinois today.  Biden will be in Chicago to deliver a major address on the U.S. economy.  The president is also set to attend fundraisers as he campaigns for a second term in office.   


>>Americans Keeping Credit Card Debt A Secret 

(San Francisco, CA) -- Americans are keeping their credit-card debt a secret from their partners.  A survey by NerdWallet found two in five Americans think credit-card debt is embarrassing and have lied about other finances.  The national credit-card balance is around one trillion dollars and interest rates are topping 20 percent. Researchers say younger Americans are more likely to keep financial secrets from a partner. 


>>Report: Costco To Crack Down On Membership Sharing

(Issaquah, WA)  --  Costco is looking to crack down on membership sharing.  That's according to a report from Business Insider that says the wholesale retailer will start to ask for photo identification at its self checkout kiosks.  Business Insider said Costco has seen a jump in shoppers using membership cards that belong to friends, family or co-workers at the self checkout stations.  In a statement to the outlet, Costco said it doesn't feel it's right that nonmembers get the same benefits and pricing as its paying members.  Costco added that its memberships play a key role in the store's ability to offer low prices to customers.


>>Meta Launches New Parental Supervision Tools

(Menlo Park, CA)  --  Meta is rolling out new parental supervision tools for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.  Parents will now be able see how much time their teen spends on Messenger and also view updates to their contacts list.  They'll also be able to control who is able to message their teen on the app.  On Instagram, Meta will now require users who want to message someone who doesn't follow them to send an invite that will need to be accepted by the recipient.  Meta will also nudge teens toward taking a break from Facebook by alerting them when they've spent 20 minutes on the app.


>>Actors Strike Deadline Looms

(Los Angeles, CA)  --  A deadline for Hollywood actors and studios to get a deal done is quickly approaching.  SAG-AFTRA's contract with studios expires on Friday.  Over the weekend, the union told members that negotiations with studios had been "extremely productive."  An actors strike would come as the industry is already facing production delays due to a writers strike.  The writers work stoppage is now in its ninth week.

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