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>>UAW President Says Progress 'Slow'

(Detroit, MI) -- United Auto Workers president Shawn Fain says there hasn't been much progress in talks with the Big Three automakers during the ongoing strike. Speaking Sunday on MSNBC, Fain said that progress has been "slow" as the two sides continue to meet, and that the companies should've gotten down to business sooner on negotiations, instead delaying until the last moment. Fain added that the fight is about the CEO's making millions "off the backs" of low paid workers. Nearly 13-thousand auto workers remain on strike, demanding better pay and pension benefits.


>>McCarthy Says 'Good Progress' Made In Shutdown Talks

(Washington, DC) -- House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says "good progress" is being made in talks to avoid a government shutdown. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, McCarthy said that Republicans wanted to "change Washington" when they took the majority, and that he's never seen anyone "win a shutdown." McCarthy faces challenges in passing a stopgap funding bill, as it appears he lacks the votes to keep the government open beyond September 30th. Some conservatives are threatening to strip him of the speakership, even as he attempted to gain support by launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. McCarthy added the only way to cut spending is to pass bills which allow the government to keep running, which he said are the "most conservative bills going forward."


>>CA Governor Newsom Says He'll Sign Landmark Climate Bill

(New York, NY) -- California Governor Gavin Newsom says he plans to sign a landmark climate bill that passed the state's legislature last week. The measure requires major companies to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. It would apply to both public and private California businesses that make more than a billion dollars annually. Newsom, a Democrat who's been a prominent voice on policies to fight climate change, made the comments Sunday at a Climate Week event in New York.


>>Google Antitrust Trial Enters Week 2

(Washington, DC) -- The closely-watched Google anti-trust trial is entering its second week in Washington, DC. The Justice Department accuses the tech giant of spending billions behind the scenes to secure agreements with mobile carriers, smartphone makers, and browser operators to become the default search engine. Prosecutors say Google has more than 90-percent of the search market.


>>"Nun II," Beats Out "Haunting In Venice" In Box Office Battle

(Los Angeles, CA) -- "The Nun Two" is taking the top spot at the box office this weekend, but was definitely a close race. The Warner Brothers thriller brought in 14-point-seven-million dollars, while Disney's new murder mystery "A Haunting in Venice" earned 14-point-five-million.

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