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>>SF Leads AI Jobs

(San Francisco, CA) -- San Francisco is number-one for jobs when it comes to artificial intelligence., which tracks tech job trends and salaries, reports that San Francisco beats out every other city with its share of A.I. by an big margin. Roughly 22-percent of A.I. positions are from companies based in The City By The Bay. That's more than the combined total A.I. job posts from the second- and third-ranked cities of Cupertino and LA. A.I. engineers earn an average of 385-thousand to 450-thousand-dollars a year.


>>Microsoft Is Unveiling Its Artificial Intelligence Feature

(Undated) - Microsoft is rolling out its new artificial intelligence feature. Copilot can create human-like text to answer questions and write emails, similar to Open AI's ChatGTP. It can also do PC-specific features like open apps and turn on Bluetooth. The new feature is part of a major update to Microsoft Windows Eleven. The company is looking to expand Copilot, but it is available in North America.


>>Tesla Wins Autopilot Trial

(Riverside, CA) -- Tesla has won the first U.S. trial over claims that its self-driving car caused a death. A civil lawsuit filed in California claimed the Tesla Autopilot system caused a Model 3 to suddenly drive off a highway east of Los Angeles in 2019 and hit a palm tree at 65 miles per hour, killing the driver and injuring two passengers. The plaintiffs were suing for 400-million dollars plus damages. Tesla denied liability, and the jury said they found the vehicle did not have a manufacturing defect. Tesla is facing several other lawsuits and investigations over fatal crashes while using Autopilot.


>>Two Russians Charged With Hacking JFK Airport Taxi Dispatch System

(New York, NY) -- Two Russian nationals, along with two New Yorkers, are charged with hacking the taxi dispatch system at JFK International Airport. The indictment says the two Russians, Aleksandr Derebenetc and Kirill Shipulin, hacked into the taxi dispatch system between 2019 and 2021, allowing certain cabbies to illegally cut to the front of the line in exchange for kickbacks. Two Queens residents, Daniel Abayev and Peter Leyman allegedly were the frontmen, collecting ten-dollar payoffs each time they advanced a taxi to the front of the line ahead of others. Federal prosecutors say the scheme involved as many as one-thousand cabs a day with at least 100-thousand-dollars transferred to the Russian hackers. The two Americans have pleaded guilty.


>>West Maui Reopens To Tourists

(Honolulu, HI) -- All of West Maui is fully reopening to tourism starting today. That has caused fears about wildfire evacuees being evicted from hotels. But, the American Red Cross says no one staying in hotels through its program will be evicted. People will be allowed to remain at hotels until at least February. Some people may have to switch hotels, but the Red Cross says those who do will be notified in advance.

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