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>>Employee Attrition Rates Declining Precipitously

(New York, NY) -- More people are deciding to stay at their jobs. White-collar job turnover has declined so steeply at some large employers that companies now find themselves over budget on certain teams and projects. Hiring slowed in October, with U.S. employers adding half as many jobs as they did in September. The unemployment rate rose to three-point-nine-percent, but is still hovering near historic lows, according to the Labor Department. Nationally, the quits rate remained at two-point-three-percent in September for the third month in a row, down from a three-percent peak in April 2022. This year, 73-pecent of workers said they planned to stay at their jobs, up from 61-percent last year.


>>Actor's Strike: Still No Deal

(Los Angeles, CA) -- The striking actors' union is rejecting the industry's so-called "last, best and final" offer as the strike rolls over into another day. SAG-AFTRA, the union representing some 160-thousand striking actors, said Monday there are still several items where there is no agreement. The biggest of those is the use of artificial intelligence and the use of people's likenesses without permission. According to The Hollywood Reporter, SAG wants to secure compensation for re-using scans of people's images and for the studios to pay for the scans. As it stands now, studios can also use scans of dead actors without consent.


>>WeWork Files For Bankruptcy

(New York, NY) -- Office-sharing company WeWork is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Once valued at 47-billion dollars just a few years ago, the company reported liabilities ranging from ten-billion to 50-billion dollars. Many companies ended their leases during the pandemic, with millions of square feet leased across almost 800 locations worldwide according to regulatory filings.


>>White House Teaming Up With Chicago To Help Migrants Apply For Work Permits

(Chicago, IL) -- The White House is teaming up with the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois to launch a pilot program to help migrants apply for work permits. The Sun Times reports the Biden administration pilot program kicks off Thursday in Chicago. It is designed to help asylum seekers apply for their work authorizations. Officials hope the granting of work permits will take some of the financial burden off the city and the state and fill a large number of job vacancies.


>>Amount of State Incentives for Boeing Announced

(St. Louis, MO) - The State of Missouri is preparing to support Boeing's potential expansion and creation of 500 more jobs in St. Louis. A news release Monday says the state is offering more than 377-million-dollars to the global airline manufacturing company through the Missouri Development Finance Board and its BUILD program. Boeing is Missouri's largest manufacturer and has had a presence in the state for more than 80 years. The company hasn't yet finalized its decision on where its expansion program will be based.

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