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Inflation at the Dinner Table

Markets started the day up again yesterday, for the fourth day this week, only to turn negative as the day wore on. The S&P 500 is currently on track to be flat for the first quarter that ends on Monday. (Seeking Alpha)

In February personal income was up 0.3% and consumer spending rose 0.3%.  Both numbers are what were expected and show a growing but not overheating economy. (CNBC)

Oregon is poised to participate in the great American energy renaissance as the US Department of Energy approved exports of liquefied natural gas from the port of Coos Bay.  The Jordan Cove Project will require the construction of a shipping terminal, a natural gas fired power plant and a 230-mile pipeline. The project will provide $7.5 billion in capital, 150 permanent full-time jobs and original construction jobs. (Wall Street Journal)

Inflation is pretty tame in the overall economy, but that is not true when it comes to your entrée at dinner. Meat is rising at a faster pace than any other food group.  Beef prices, cattle numbers are at their lowest levels since 1951, are up 20% from last year and pork prices are up 56%. (Bloomberg)

There is lots of change and consolidation currently happening in the media delivery arena.  Adding to the fray are reports that Dish Network and DirecTV are in merger talks.  Combined the two companies have 34 million customers.  Talks come as Comcast and Time Warner Cable are merging in a $45 billion deal. (Bloomberg)

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