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Business News

>>Payroll Report Due Out This Week

(New York, NY)  --  The most watched economic report is due out this Friday when the monthly payroll report is released.   A hiring increase is expected and it should be enough to help push the markets higher.  Manufacturing and service sector numbers are also due out with experts predicting solid numbers to show the economy is still on the upswing.  Car sales figures will roll out and so will private sector-payrolls and the February international trade deficit report.  Today’s trading marks the final session of the month and first quarter.

>>Credit Card Security Company Denies Role In Target Breach

(Chicago, IL)  --  A credit card security firm is denying it had any role in a massive data breach at Target.  Trustwave Holdings' CEO Robert McCullen says his company had no part in the oversight or monitoring of Target's credit card processing, which was compromised by hackers late last year.  McCullen posted an open letter on his company's website to counter claims made in a lawsuit seeking at least five-million dollars in damages from both Target and Trustwave.  Two banks have sued both companies, saying they failed to properly secure the credit card data of around 40-million customers.

>>Oculus VR Reports Death Threats After Purchase By Facebook

(Undated)  --  Employees at Oculus VR are apparently feeling the downside of being part of a two-billion dollar purchase by Facebook.  The virtual reality firm's founder Palmer Luckey posted on Reddit that employees and their family members were receiving "death threats and harassing phone calls" following the announcement last week.  Luckey said the negative reaction was unwarranted, adding that it was "impacting people who have nothing to do with Oculus."  Some of the negative reaction stems from critics who are upset that Oculus began using two-point-four-million dollars in funding raised through Kickstarter.  The company confirmed last week that none of those who invested through the crowdfunding site will receive any part of the two-billion dollar sale price.

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