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Happy opening day for major league baseball!

The 1st Quarter wasn't a great one for stock investors as investors played it safe in defensive sectors.  This weeks economic news highlighted by the jobs report on Friday should provide investors more fireworks.  This morning the US Stock market has opened

Shares of Facebook lost 11% last week after the company announced they would pay $2 Billion to buy Oculus a maker of virtual reality goggles.  Wall Street analysts are disappointed that Facebook appears to have wildly overpaid for yet another technology company.  Shares of Facebook have turned positive at $60/share in early trading. (yahoofinance)

China's Premier sought to reassure some nervous global investors over the weekend.  He assured investors that Beijing was ready to support their cooling economy saying the Chinese government would push ahead with infrastructure investments that would spur growth.  Asian equity markets rallied sharply on that news.(marketwatch)

Portland State University is out with their list of the fastest growing cities in the state of Oregon from 2010 to 2013.  Madras was the 4th fastest growing city in the state over the last 3 years edged out by Wilsonville, The Dalles, and Happy Valley in the #1 spot.(Portland Business Journal)

And 60 Minutes had a piece last night with author Michael Lewis where Lewis proclaimed the US Stock market is rigged.  Mr. Lewis was promoting his book Flash Boys where he claims the markets have been taken over by high frequency traders giving them the edge over little guys like you an me.  It would be great if the SEC took some action on the outrage this should cause.(marketwatch)

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