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Some Prominent Bend Businessman Push Oregonians to Approve an Open Primary in the State

Residents voted down a similar proposal six years ago, but Mike Hollern of Bend worked to try and pass the measure then and will be trying again this time.


He feels our political system is broken.  He explains how the primary would work.


"Anyone can vote in any primary and the top two finishers run off in the fall.  You could have two Republicans or two Democrats.  This time I hope we have better funding, better ballot title and a more knowledgeable electorate that sees the advantages of the open primary."


Hollern and Bill Smith recently wrote a letter to the Bend Bulletin urging people to support the open primary question on the November ballot.


They believe it could be a realistic game changer for the state and help get rid of our continual political gridlock.


But opponents feel it would lessen our two party system.

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