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Wyden has introduced bi-partisan legislation that will help Medicare providers better serve chronically ill patients and save the healthcare system a lot of money in the long run.


He listened to the local professionals and reacted.


"Everyone is in their own silos.  Everyone is getting their own check from the government .. family practice, doctors, nurses.  That's what I'm most interested in changing.  The team day one should be saying "we're going to coordinate."


Wyden's bill would transform Medicare from a program that pays for services separately to one where teams would get one payment for providing care to chronically ill patients.  It is hoped it will help reduce Medicare's soaring costs.


For example, diabetes treatment needs prior authorization for every step in the process and that caught his attention.


"I'm being told that there's some kind of rule tht even after a patient is cleared, they still need prior authorization every single time.  If this is the case, I need someone to get to me a piece of paper or rule, something"


Senator Wyden says he's heard about the problems with prior authorization before, but he needs some documentation on it, to do something about it.




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