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Homeowners Along the Pilot Butte Canal are Concerned After a Leak is Discovered and Repaired

The leak was reported on Friday and district workers quickly repaired it.


COID Director Craig Horrell says this is part of routine maintenance.


"What we have is a 100 year old canal and new construction is part of standard repair of the existing facility.  This happens 6 to 12 times a year throughout the whole system.  It was a small leak."


Nearby homeowner Tom Hignell who opposes plans to pipe the canal, was alarmed by the leak.  He was the one who notified COID of it.


"You know, all it takes is one time.  And they can fix this, but it could happen again. They are propsoing a dam above ground and if that leaks it would do significant damge to property and possibly loss of life if its in the middle of the night or without any warning."


Horrell with COID says nearby residents were never at any risk and these small leaks occur along the canals are are routinely repaired.

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