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Commissioners Take a First Step to Approve Reducing Overnight Stays Required at Destination Resorts

Currently Deschutes County requires 45 weeks out of the year be made availabe for rent, but Tetherow is looking to decrease that number.


Will Groves is the Senior Planner for Deschutes County.


"To date Deschutes has kept the more restrictive 45 week requirement, but is looking at allowing 38 weeks.  Tetherow has applied to make the changes to Title 19.  A separate amendment to Title 18 occurred in 2007 and implemented these same changes to include Caldera Springs, Pronghorn and Eagle Crest."


Title 19 concerns land that is adjacent to Bend like Tetherow and TItle 18 deals with land not directly adjacent to Bend.


Monday was the first reading and the second reading will be coming up in the next two weeks.


Commissioners believe the change will make thse individual units more marketable and allow owners to use them more during the year.

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