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Juniper Ridge Neighbors Complain the City Should be Doing More to Get Rid of Homeless Camps -- City Steps Up

Mike Adye lives near Juniper Ridge on the northside of Bend and says the problem has gotten worse over the last couple years.


"The area where these people are inhabitating  -- they are trashing it.  It's a big area.  There are palces that are beautiful, but they are camping out there and they are not considerate campers.  So there is trash out there as well as hazardous waste issues."


Adye is a retired police officer from California and he wrote a letter to the editor recently demanding the city do more to clean up the area.  He feels the city should start regular police patrols and give transients warning when they will be bulldozing the camps and then enforce it.


This week the City started having inmate work crews go out in the Juniper Ridge area to clean it up.


David Abbas with the city of Bend says the Deschutes County Sheriff's Deaprtment came up with the idea to help them out.


"This effort is a combined effort with the Sheriff's Deaprtment and want to thank them for helping to coordinate this. They brought in inmate crews for three days.  We are also using road department equipment like dump trucks, pickups and excavators to help clean up the trash out there."


Abbas says the city is starting discussinos on how the city can keep the Juniper Ridge area clean in an ongoing basis.  He says this effort was a clean up, but going forward they need to come up with a community wide solution to the transient problem.

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