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Owners of the Pine Tavern Will Hold a Fundraiser This Sunday for the ERA Measure on the November Ballot

Measure 89 is on the ballot this November.  It would change Oregon's constitution to guranatee equal rights for all, regardless of sex.


The owners of the Pine Tavern are holding a fundraiser for the measure this Sunday.


Gail McCormick believes its improtant for Oregon to join the other states in ensuring equal rights for everyone.


"The younger generation don't realize that people have sacrificed and blazed the trail before them.  Women who had definite hardships, not equal pay and had discrimination.  It's a good tie in with the Pine Tavern that was founded by two women in 1936 and run for twenty years during the depression."


The fundraiser for Meausre 89 will be this Sunday at the Pine Tavern.  It will run from 3 to 5 P.M.


Tickets are $50 a person or $75 for a couple.

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