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City Club Discussion Focuses On Marijuana Measure

BEND, OR -- The latest polling shows a slight majority of Oregonians leaning toward legalizing marijuana in November, but it's close and could come down to who votes.  City Club of Central Oregon discussed Measure 91 on Thursday, bringing in panel members that include the chief petitioner of the measure, Anthony Johnson, and a Redmond parent and substance abuse prevention specialist Mandi Puckett, who is against M91.
Colorado pharmacist, George DiCarlo was in the audience and was asked by the moderator what he would recommend Oregonians do, "I think having a firm handle on managing the edibles and the tax situation and having an economist explain who is going to incentivize this.  You know money is fungible and if the revenue is going to education, that means politicians don't have to spend as much money on education."  DiCarlo added, "Let Colorado be the canary in the coal mine, perhaps."  He says his state is still struggling through growing pains, "But I will tell you, one of the things I noticed is, I see the revenue numbers and they are incredible. A lot of politicians are against it, but they're taking the state money. That makes it difficult- All that money.  I don't know what's going to happen."
8 months since legalizing marijuana, Colorado is seeing record high sales. According to the latest figures, Coloradans spent $34 million on recreational pot in August. That's up from $29 million in July.

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