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Local Health Officials Try to Give People Their Realistic Risk of Getting Ebola

The U.S. has only had three cases that started here , but it makes people nervous.


Heather Kaisner is the Communicable Disease Coordinator for Deschutes County and she thinks people have to put thier risk in perspective.


"It's gotten somewhat political.  Oncea  person has been quarantined for 21 days and they are fine, they're not contagious, they  were never contagious.  We shouldn't shun people. Fear can be scary, but we can do more harm."


"And while these communicabloe disease can be risky and unknown, but when you put it in perspective about things like smoking, car accidents, not weraing seat belts.  All these things put it in perspective, when we've just had three cases from the U.S. that were from here."


Ebola is spread through close contact with an infected person and is not spread through the air.


You have to be exposed through bodily fluids, as many health care workers have been.

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