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BEND, OR -- East Coast fans of Deschutes Brewery will soon start seeing their famous Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale and Fresh Squeezed IPA filtering through Washington, D.C. markets.  The Bend-based brewery ix expanding into D.C. and northern Virginia in the next couple of weeks.  Jason randalls with Deschutes Brewery says they're not sure exactly where the brews will pop up first, "Well, we don't know yet, and we don't dictate that right away. Right now, we're working with our distribution manager to get it placed in as many places as possible.  At first, right now, we're working on some events for November, the week of November 17th.  And, we'll be doing some events at some craft beer bars and Hosea Andre's restaurants that week." 


Randalls believes the expansion will benefit from built-in name recognition, "We're one of the largest craft brewers in the country that's not in all 50 states, or not in the majority of the states.  And, I think the people in Washington, D.C. are mainly not from D.C. - Mostly from everywhere else.  So, they're more familiar with our beer, and have had a chance to try our beer."


Deschutes Brewery will also feature their Zarabanda brand - they'll have a limited amount of their seasonal beers provided for the launch. 





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