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County Commissioner Candidates Address Campaign Claims

BEND, OR -- With just a week left in the fight for Deschutes County's Board of Commissions (pos. 1), we offered both candidates a chance to address each other's campaign claims.  
Tony Debone says his opponent would increase taxes; a claim Barram disputes:  "You have to work within the tax structure you have. And, if you ever have a need to go to the voters for something, then you implement the will of the voters."
DeBone insists he's the candidate who would continue to keep taxes in check, "As a County Commissioner, I have been in the spot where we can put items on the ballot. And we did - we reduced the 911 Operating Levy by 3-cents and I have voted against our budget for this year, knowing we're going to see growth in our tax assessed value in Deschutes County." 
Jodie Barram says she's the only one who would truly represent everyone in Deschutes County.  Debone says he's proud to be from La Pine, but he's focused on the whole county, "I've got great relationships in Redmond, Sisters and the chambers of Commerce and all the business owners in the area.  As commissioners we have the opportunity to be all over the county, everyday."
Barram insists her deep roots in this area makes her a better choice, "I've spent a lot of time in La Pine this past year ... I take off my campaign button and I want to participate in cities and communities as a citizen, because I think you get a more authentic feel."
Barram currently serves on the Bend City Council.  DeBone is the incumbent running for his second term on the Board of Commissioners.
To hear our full conversation with Jodie Barram and Tony DeBone, visit our Podcast Page: https://kbnd.com/podcasts/your-town

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