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Crook County Holds a Public Hearing on Banning the Sales of ECigarettes to Minors

The Crook County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the ordinance Wednesday.


Kris Williams with the Crook County Health Department say the ordinance if approved, would ban minors from buying or possessing e-cigarettes.  It would also require retailers to put hte cigarettes behind the counter.


"E cigarettes are increasing extremly rapidly by youth and w'ere trying to educate the community on the way that e-cigarettes are being used to initiate tobacco use and nicotine dependence.  E-cigarettes are also very toxic.  The poison control centers have received a lot of calls regarding children getting their hands on these cigarettes."


Crook County Commissioners held a first reading on the ordinance Wednesday morning.  A second reading is required for final approval.


The city of Prineville is also looking to pass a e-cigarette ban for minors.

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