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New Middle School Still Without A Name

BEND, OR -- Bend’s newest middle school under construction near Summit High will remain nameless … for now.  School board members discussed a list of names presented by the school’s principal, but all were rejected.  Board member Andy High says it wasn’t that the names were bad, but they’re looking for something that properly reflects the school’s purpose.

"If you look at the design, it’s very innovative; it’s going to be very different from our other middle schools.  And, it’s really set up to help young people to learn going into the future, because a lot of the jobs we’re training them for, aren’t even in existence yet," he said.  "So, I think that’s the idea. It wasn’t the rejection of the names; it was ‘is this the identity as we want to move forward.’"
High says ‘Bachelor Butte,’ ‘Bridge Creek,’ ‘Deschutes River’ and ‘Manzanita’ are not completely off the table. "What the board did was challenge the committee a little bit more, to make sure this is the identity going forward. Not so much that these are terrible names, it was ‘is this the identity,’ and ‘does this fit with how we’re trying to change that type of education at the middle school level?’"
High says the board asked the committee to reconsider some of the estimated 1,000 names submitted by the public to see if any of them better represent the school’s style.  The new middle school is scheduled to open to students next fall.  


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