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BEND, OR -- Despite multiple delays on OSU-Cascades' path to a fully-functioning four-year campus, the college is still experiencing growth.  Jane Reynolds says compared to last year, they're seeing a 5% increase in overall students, and a 9% jump in full-time enrollment.  She says the college is also becoming more traditional. "Partly, I think, the recession is changing and the economy is getting better.  We have actually more traditional age students going to school. we've had a 13% increase in students who are 18 to 24 this last year - That's a pretty good increase. We're seeing less students over 30." 


The number of out-of-state students is also up.  Reynolds says that's due to recent attention the Bend campus has received.  Freshman applications have also increased, this fall. "We're up about 40% right now. We work with transfer students and they tend to come to us later in the year. But freshman applications are up a lot," said Reynolds.  She notes there has been a shift toward technical degrees.  The fastest growing departments are business and engineering. 



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