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BEND, OR -- Two new schools are on schedule to open in Bend, next fall.  But with those new buildings come new maps to determine school boundaries.  District CFO Brad Henry tells KBND public meetings held last week were well attended by families.  "We heard a lot of good feedback in those input sessions. Everything from ‘those don’t impact us, so we’re really happy with all of them.’ To, ‘these do impact us greatly, and can you consider maybe adjusting based on these geographic boundaries.’ Or, ‘consider adjusting or grandfathering students into next year.’"  Henry says that by next fall, boundaries for nearly every school in the district will be different.


There is still time to offer feedback on the proposed maps.  "We’ll take all of this input into consideration and go back to drawing lines on maps, and trying to adjust the scenarios we have," said Henry.  "Ultimately, we want to get a recommendation to the superintendent by February first. We have a couple of months, with the holidays in there; it makes it a little shorter. But, we currently have three meetings scheduled, but we’ll probably need more than that to get to a final recommendation."  Henry says they are still accepting public comment at the district’s website.  Click HERE to access the district's proposed maps. 



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