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Bend Animal Shelter Remains Overcrowded

BEND, OR -- It’s been a month since the Humane Society of Central Oregon took in 35 dogs seized by law enforcement from a Bend property. Lynne Ouchida says the dogs have shown significant health improvements now that they’re receiving the proper nutrition and medical treatment. However, their care is stretching resources at the Bend shelter.  


"Basically, we’ve dedicated half our kennels to holding these neglect case dogs, so it’s tight," Ouchida says. "Right now, we’re asking people, if you find or lose a pet, call us. If you’ve lost a pet, come down immediately to reclaim it."  


Ouchida says it’s unclear when, or if, the dogs will be released for adoption. "We do have people inquiring about them. We’re just hoping that once they are available that people who are interested in helping animals who are in need, do come down immediately to help us, to adopt these dogs, get them into wonderful homes. But we don’t know when that’s going to be. Hopefully they will be released to us." 


Fifty-five-year-old Goldie Coats and 71-year-old Sonya Henderson each face dozens of animal neglect charges in connection with the case.  

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