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BEND, OR -- Bend city officials will discuss how to create a safer environment for drivers and pedestrians, later this week.  Robin Lewis with the city's Transportation Planning and Safety Program took part in a safety study that looked at crash patterns and locations.  She tells KBND News pedestrian-involved crashes happen most often when there are two lates of travel in each direction. "It's a very common crash throughout the U.S., where the nearest vehicle will yield to the pedestrian but the second lane will not understand why the vehicle has stopped and will continue, or sometimes even pull around the vehicle that is stopped. And then the pedestrian is hit by the vehicle."


The city plans to partner with ODOT to improve sight-lines for drivers at 4th and Greenwood and 6th and Greenwood, in Bend.  Lewis will discuss the project at Thursday's meeting of the Bend Accessibility Advisory Committee.  More community meetings are expected this spring, as the project progresses.



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