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REDMOND, OR -- Bend has experienced a doughnut boom, over the past several years, with more than half a dozen donut shops now open.  However, its neighbor to the north has remained without any.  Luv’s Donuts wants to change all that, with its first Redmond location scheduled to open in the next couple of weeks.


Owner Travis Wren tells KBND News he hoped to expand to Redmond when he first opened the Bend store, 2 years ago. "I’m not sure why other people haven’t done it in the past, I just think it was a really good opportunity and good timing to open another store. I deliver to Redmond anyway, in the morning. We deliver to Terrebonne every single morning; we have a location there. And then, we deliver all over Redmond and we deliver all over Bend."
Wren says central operations will remain in Bend, "We still make the doughnuts in Bend, but we’ll bring them here fresh every morning. Instead of having two locations that are this close together, there’s no need to set up a whole bunch more equipment and make them here. So, we’ll bring them here every morning and we’ll have some other items as well that we’ll be doing out of here."  He's not sure exactly what day he’ll be ready for customers at the South Highway 97 location, but expects to be open by mid-March.

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