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BEND, OR -- The Supreme Court will rule on another case involving the Affordable Care Act -- and this one has to do with subsidies offered on the federal health exchange.  The health care act is being challenged that the language in the law only applies to state and not the federal exchange.


OSU Cascades political science professor Jim Foster tells KBND News the case could have catastrophic ramifications for the healthcare law.  "This is a very significant case since it can if not fatally, significantly damage the Affordable Care Act.  The House of Representatives has voted what 56 times to repeal Obamacare.  And I bet more people don't even know about this case, but this is the real poison pill."


Steve Buckstein with the Cascade Policy Institute says the high court's decision deals with more than just the subsidies.  "But it's about more than that.  If the justices agree that only people on the state based exchanges are eligible for the subsidies, then people who bought through the federal website, including Oregonians, will not be eligible for the individual mandate and our employers won't be fored to supply insurance or pay a penalty."  Buckstein says if subsidies are denied on the federal exchange, 157,000 individuals in Oregon likely will be freed from the law's individual mandate, as well as 5500 Oregon companies with over 50 employees.


The high court's decision is expected to be released in late June.

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