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Deschutes County Commissioners have failed to give the green light to allow the Pilot Butte canal to be piped.


The Central Oreogn Irrigation District was asking the  county to change code to make it easier for them to pipe this canal in an effort to conserve water.


Deschutes County Commissioners were split on how to proceed.  Commissioner Tony DeBone wanted to allow COID to pipe the canal, Commissioner Tammy Baney did not.


Commissioenr Alan Unger didn't participate in the vote when homeowners along the canal and Commissioner Tammy Baney felt there was a perception of bias -- since he has served on several water boards.


"The big picture is perception as we move forward.  We all have to work together -- property owners, water users and just citizens.  We need to find some common solutions and we're going to have to find a lot of it.  We need to manage water flow for these endangered species.


The Director of the Central Oregon Irriagtion District, Craig Horrell is frustrated.


"Well, everybody who cares about the region and the Deschutes River lost today.  It sets us back.  It wasn't a total no.  We'll continue to look at our options."


Commissioner Unger says COID has to try to come up with some different options that neighbors might be on board with.  For now -- the issue is in a holding pattern.

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