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LUBA is Scheduled to Release Decision on OSU Cascades Site Approval by End of Month

The group opposing the westside location of the OSU Cascades expansion should hear by the end of the month the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals Decision on their appeal.


Truth in Site appealed to LUBA challenging the OSU Cascades location on Bend's westside, approved by an independent hearings officer and the Bend City Council.  The group feels the area is too congested and not the best location for the university.


Bend City Councilor Sally Russell was part of the council that approved the site, but she knows there are issues.


"And they did the best they could with what they had, but I think we're in a sticky place for OSU Cascades.  And many of us wanted the university, but because we lost the vision, lost the buy in, understanding.  There was huge excitement when this started out."


LUBA is scheduled to release its decision on the appeal by April 29th.


Depending on the decision, the case could still go to the Oregon Court of Appeals and the State Supreme Court.



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