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OSU-Cascades LUBA Decision Delayed

BEND, OR -- Those trying to block the westside expansion of Oregon State University’s Bend campus will have to wait even longer for a decision from the Land Use Board of Appeals. The opposition group Truth in Site appealed to LUBA, saying the location is too congested and not the best fit for a four-year university.


Former Bend City Councilor Bruce Abernethy tells KBND that the city made the right call. "When I look at it, what are the eligible uses for that property?" Abernethy says. "There are a lot of uses that are way more impactful than OSU-Cascades."


And although Abernethy agrees there will be an impact in the surrounding area, he is less concerned about negative results. "When I was on the city council, people said ‘Oh, no, no, no, the sky is falling – the Bend parkway, the Bill Healy Bridge!’" But Abernethy says, "The city can make it work. There’s going to be change, no question about that. But I actually think OSU-Cascades is a good example of smart infill, smart growth, that takes advantage of the infrastructure that’s already in place. "


Originally, LUBA was expected to rule next week; however, attorneys for Truth in Site requested a delay, citing a family emergency. LUBA will now hear oral arguments, which are scheduled in Salem next Thursday. Testimony will be provided from the City of Bend -- as the city approved the school’s new westside campus –- and Truth in Site. The timeline for a ruling is now pushed back to early June. Depending on how LUBA rules, the case could go to the state courts. 
To hear more from Abernethy, visit our Podcast page. 

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