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BEND, OR -- Ten years after moving to Central Oregon, a technology company is expanding its Bend headquarters and hiring. Tech Soft 3D created a 3-D format now used in many PDF applications. CEO and co-founder Ron Fritz tells KBND News, "Tech Soft has continued to grow pretty steadily in the 18 years since we started, although growth has accelerated in recent years due to two things: one is, adoption of our 3D technology that’s imbedded in PDFs and web visualization."


Fritz says when the company first moved to Bend in 2005, they almost chose not to publicize it’s headquarters was no longer in the Bay Area. "If you’re a technology company, you really want to be seen in the Bay Area; and having Bend, Oregon listed as your headquarters might make you seem like a Podunk operation. But, at this point, I think that’s completely turned around. Being a technology company in the Bay Area, you’re just one of a very large crowd. But, being a technology company in Bend, Oregon – which has a certain cache and name familiarity, now – catches people’s attention and makes you different from the rest."


Tech Soft now employs about a dozen people at its Bend headquarters, and has outgrown its upstairs suite on Chandler Avenue. Fritz says that may not seem like a lot for one company, but Tech Soft has big plans. "We moved from probably a third of the upper floor and took over all of the downstairs. We have three positions open at the moment and we have a plan to continue to add positions there in Bend, so we’re just planning for the future." 
He says Tech Soft also has offices in California, Ohio, Japan France and the U.K., but the bulk of its North American sales force is in Bend. 

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