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Brookswood Businesses Make the Best of Work

BEND, OR -- The Murphy Road/Brookswood Avenue roundabout project will force traffic through detours all summer long. But, while the roadblock may cause headaches for drivers and potential nightmares for nearby businesses, you won't see many frowns. In fact, they're flying banners that read "Let's make the best of summer road work," featuring a smiley face wearing a hard hat!


Travis Lovejoy, of C.E. Lovejoy's Brookswood Market, tells KBND News, "It certainly hasn't been negatively affected. We haven't seen a downturn at all. This time of year, we typically see a little uptick in business so it's hard to know for sure whether the road closure is actually helping business or if it is just due to the time of year." He says it's a team effort, "Let's use it as an opportunity to maybe gain customers, maybe gain additional customer loyalty. We're all in this together, so let's all make the best of the situation we find ourselves in."


Cricket Kadoch, Marketing Manager for Brookswood Meadow Plaza, says, "To be negative about it doesn't help the community. I mean, with these types of situations, the detours during school times through traffic - People are already negative, so how about being positive about it and saying 'Hey, let's make the best of this' and hopefully that helps everybody get through it. So, when they come in and see the banner at Lovejoy's saying 'Let's make the best of summer roadwork,' they're not going to be bogged down by negative. Especially when they've just come through the detour!"


The Brookswood roundabout project is due to be completed in September. 

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