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House Committee Holds Public Hearing on Raising the State's Minimum Wage

SALEM, OR --  The House Commitee on Rules held a public hearing Wednesday on a bill to raise the state's minimum wae to 13 dollars an hour.


House Speaker Tina Kotek is introducing the legislation to give workers a living wage.


"So why $13 for the state?  At this rate, most workers would be above the federal poverty level and that was my goal.  Because I believe if people work for a living, they should earn a living wage and that was a guiding value for me."


Opponents testifeid at the hearing, including Republican Representative Bill Kennemer.


"I suspect the solution is not in the minimum wage.  We need better jobs.  In my experience, back in the 1970's when I had five part time jobs, which was exhausting."


This new bill takes into consideration criticism of other similar bills introudced earlier in the session.

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