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Pickleball Players from Around the West in Bend for Oregon Senior Games

BEND,OR -- The new pickleball courts at Pine Nursery are full this week as the Oregon Senior Games get underway. Hundreds of pickleball players are competing.  There are more competing in that sport than any other.


Joan Sponberg of Bend has been playing for five years.  "This is my third Senior Games.  I played the first time in Yuma.  I wasn't going to but they said I had such a smiling face and this woman needed a partner, so I said o.k..  This year I played again and I played last summer here in the Senior Games."


Ann Braydeen from Sacramento, California is here to compete.  She's been playing pickleball for years.  "Our group at home -- its just psychological for me.  It's such a good time, we laugh all the time.  I feel so much better after I leave, besides getting all the exercise which I love." 


In the last year, Bend has doubled the number of pickleball courts at Pine Nursery -- thanks to a generous donation by a Bend resident.  This year Senior Games participants will  be playing on all 16 courts.


The pickleball tournament gets underway Friday and runs through Sunday.

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