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BEND, OR -- Summer is road trip season, but traveling in the heat poses some risks. Even if you're driving with the air conditioner blasting, experts suggest drivers drink lots of water to stay hydrated.


The Oregon Department of Transportation warns your car is essentially an oven, so make sure all passengers and pets are out of the car when you park. A child's body temperature can rise up to five-times faster than an adult.


For those heading over the mountain: Jered Castle with ODOT says, "every year, we see folks who are going over the mountain passes with older vehicles that have not been regularly serviced; and, of course, they've got their air conditioning turned up all the way, which leads to the vehicle - the engine specifically - overheating."


If you break down: "Give yourself plenty of distance from traffic itself. Get your passengers out of the vehicle and into a shady area if possible. Certainly, you want to make sure you're carrying in your vehicle supplies such as an emergency kit and water. You don't know how long it will take for someone to be able to get to your vehicle to help," Castle tells KBND. 


Another option for beating the heat, drive at night when it's cooler.

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