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BEND, OR -- The City of Bend is now accepting license applications for short term rentals. The process is part of the city's new vacation rental rules and regulations. 


Lorelei Williams, Short Term Rentals Program Manager, tells KBND applications starting coming in earlier this month. "People are understanding about the program. They get that it's like a license for driving or getting married. One of the misconceptions is that the City Council did this to benefit short term rental owners. When, they really did this to benefit the neighborhoods where short term rentals were growing at a rapid rate." In order to qualify for a license, applicants must already have a land use permit. 


Williams says current rental operators will get a notice if they don't submit their application by September first. "If it gets to be October second and you haven't made the application, then the land use permit will become void. And that means applicants will have to reapply and will be subject to new rules and regulations; that includes the 250-feet density rules. If there's a short term rental within 250 feet of their property, they won't be able to obtain a permit."

There is an initial $275 application fee, with a $200 annual renewal. For more details on the process and rules, visit the City of Bend's website.

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