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BEND, OR -- A Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputy has been honored with a prestigious award from the state police academy. Sheriff Shane Nelson says Shadoe Majetich is not the first in his family to receive this award. "He won the Victor G. Atiyeh award. It’s a tremendous award for the most outstanding student at the academy. I went over, along with Captain Utter, to watch the graduation. It was a wonderful surprise to hear his name read when he won that award. Ironically, his father won the very same award when he went through the academy."


The award is named for former Governor Vic Atiyeh. "The faculty, as well as his co-students at the academy, decide who wins that award based on attitude, leadership, survival skills, academics and physical fitness. It’s a tremendous award. The Victor G. Atiyeh award went to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and we’re very proud of that," Sheriff Nelson tells KBND.
Deputy Majetich Majetich was the only Deschutes County deputy in his class of more than 30 students. He continues his training, out on patrol.



Photo courtesy of Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

r-l: Sheriff Nelson, Dep. Majetich, Capt. Utter

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