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BEND, OR -- Three local artists were selected by Bend's Arts and Beautification Commission to adorn four storm drains with messages addressing the connection with the Deschutes River.


Artist and river guide David Kinker began work Friday on two storm drains next to Harmon Park. “The river is what we’re really talking about and what we put into it. And keep an awareness that you can’t just throw your oil out in the street or anything like that and expect to have a river full of fish. Because it’s a metaphor for life.”


Kinker has 25-years experience as a river guide and artist. “Really what I want to convey is something very happy and we want to keep it that way. SO I’m going to use a lot of festival signage techniques using highlights and reflective lights, bright colors and lots of sloping shapes. I’m trying use symbols and dragonflies and butterflies and things of the river and fish.”
He tells KBND he wants to remind everyone to be aware that what we dump in the street will eventually make it’s way to the river.

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