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BEND, OR -- The American Red Cross hopes to capitalize on recent nationwide attention given to the risk of a large-scale earthquake  in Oregon, with a special campout event, offering Oregonians a chance to test their own personal emergency readiness.


Lisa Stroup, Executive Director of our local Red Cross, tells KBND she hears two main excuses why Central Oregonians don’t come up with a disaster plan. "One, I’ll hear complacency – ‘I live in beautiful Central Oregon, this isn’t gonna happen, I don’t have to worry about it.’ Or, I hear ‘by golly, I know how to hunt, how to fish, I’ve got an RV, I’m prepared.’ And so, we’re just saying, that’s great! Let’s try it out. Put yourself to the test and let’s see if you actually are prepared."
The Red Cross urges everyone to participate in the second annual “Camp! Prepare!” tomorrow, by practicing what your family would do in a disaster – even camping out in the backyard, if you can. Stroup says trying to mimic disaster conditions is a great way to test your readiness. "Everybody knows the obvious: water, food, clothes. What they forget is the unobvious items. So, you get out there and you had a great stock of canned food, but you didn’t have a can opener. Do some ‘what ifs’ while you’re out there. We’re going to be stressed when using this kit – not during Camp Prepare!, but if we actually have to use it we’re going to be stressed. What are some things that we should’ve had in here. Think about your kids and your pets." Stroup adds, "Obviously water, a gallon per person per day. I know it’s the obvious one, but it’s the thing that will trip you up, and you’re going to be cooking and cleaning and taking care of family and probably some visitors. Some unobvious things: tools, gloves, a mask, a bucket, a whistle, hygiene items."
If you aren’t able to camp out tomorrow, she suggests picking a different day this summer to put your family to the test. For more details, visit the Red Cross Camp Prepare webpage. Central Oregonians are not required to register; however, the local chapter will conduct contests for participants on its Facebook Page.

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