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Multi Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold in Bend

BEND, OR -- There is likely a multi-millionaire walking the streets of Bend, and they may not even know they’ve struck it rich. Monday night’s $6.4 million winning Megabucks ticket was sold in Bend. Chuck Baumann with the Oregon Lottery says they won’t release the store location until the winner has been confirmed. "If you’ve got the ticket and you’re not sure, or you think ‘gosh, I bought my ticket in Bend, I’d better check.’ You can go to our website and the winning numbers will be there. You can call the Lottery office in Salem (503-540-1000) and we can give you what the winning numbers were. Or, they can take the ticket into a retail location and have it scanned at one of the Check-a-Ticket devices that we have there. And, if they are indeed the winner, give us a call!"


Those winning numbers: 15 - 27 - 32 - 39 - 44 - 45.


The odds of winning Monday's drawing? One in 6.1 million, nearly the amount of the prize. Baumann has some advice for the winner. "Before you come in, and even after you come in because you can validate your ticket then step away and get your ducks in a row – what sort of a plan can we put in place that would be the wisest for us with this newfound wealth that we have? Talk to a financial planner, an accountant, an attorney, a team of those folks and get a plan in place; so that when it does come time for that check to be cut, you have a plan there."


Whoever the winner is has a big decision to make in the coming days. "They can take it as an annuity or they can take the cash option. If they choose the annuity, which is over 25 years, after taxes that prize would be $171,520. Every year for 25 years, that’s what they would get. If they take the cash option, it’s a little over $2.1 million," Baumann says. The winner has one year to claim their prize. 


In the 30-year history of Oregon Megabucks, there have been just four other winning tickets sold in Bend, most recently $3.5 million in 1994. This week's prize is by far the largest for a Bend retailer. 

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