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Bend Bike Thefts On the Rise

Bend, OR -- Bend Police are warning bike owners of a rise in thefts, this summer. Lt. Clint Burleigh tells KBND, "In 2014, we had 127 reported thefts and this year we've had 147, which is about a 16% increase." 

Burleigh isn't sure exactly why there has been a spike in Bend, but says, "A lot of times they become crimes of opportunity. Sometimes, you have people that find some kind of value in, when they steal a bike, if they can sell it or trade it illegally. So, it doesn't matter who it is; if it's there and they need it, they're going to take it."


He recommends bike owners invest in a decent lock and use it. He suggests registering your bike with the police department so it can easily be returned if it is stolen, and take pictures as documentation. "Even when we have bikes that are found by citizens that are called in as found property, we are tying a lot more of bikes to criminal or thefts cases. But, we are also seeing more cases resolved, not only by recovering the bike, but arresting the person with the bike."

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