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BEND,OR  -- Recent polling shows a majority of people in Bend believe our roads are in poor condition, but how to fund the needed repairs? That's the task of a newly formed streets maintenance funding committee that met for the first time Monday.


The 14-member group heard several presentations on the problem and how to potentially fund repairs. Andy High with the Central Oregon Builders Association is on the committee and is encouraged by their first get together. "I think we learned a lot about the  overall impacts of the budget on our transportation system and look forward to a lot of continued debate.  There are a lot of interesting opinions here and points of view and look forward to taking this to the community to see what their thoughts are."


Citizens Doug Williams is another member on the committee.  He served as a city manager in Washington State and Illinois. "I'm still processing everything from the meeting.  I'm anxious to see the budget.  As you know., I'm a former city manager and I'm anxious to see those numbers.  I'm interested in all the budget data we'll get at  the next meeting."


The group is scheduled to meet every Monday through October 12. They hope to come up with a recommendation for the city council to consider to put before voters next March.

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