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Redmond Families Get Prepared

REDMOND, OR -- Emergency preparedness experts from across the region came together at Redmond's Centennial Park Saturday, to teach residents how to get ready for everything from an earthquake to an active shooter situation. Groups ranging from the Red Cross to the FBI to Pacific Power aimed to educate everyone to be prepared.


Andi Buerger, Executive Director of Beulah's Place, plans to take what she learned at Prepare! Redmond back to the homeless teens she works with. "We don’t have the water or food ready, we’re working on that, though. And, there’s a difference between dehydrated food and freeze-dried food, which is much tastier! And, things like sunscreen, because if you’re walking out or you have to run and you just have five minutes, everybody needs sunscreen. So, just the things you need in your go-bag and that everyone should have a go-bag! So, this weekend, everyone will have a go-bag."
Matt Phinestad of Redmond brought his family to Centennial Park. He tells KBND he already has a "go bag," but there's always more to learn. "Just in general, we tend to not be prepared. We go to the grocery store every week and we just expect anything and everything that we want to be there. If we lost that, I think we would be shocked. For us, we’ve done the freeze-dried food for a couple of days, lots of water and water purification. I just think anything you can pick up and learn beforehand, you’re better off than trying to catch up after the fact."


Andrea Valdez brought her grandkids. "It’s mainly just making sure everyone knows, don’t just get one set of rules, get them for the whole family. Everyone should have their own copy to know where to go and where we should meet. We live in a cul de sac and it’s good that all the families get together to know where all our kids are going to be."


Local Red Cross executive director Lisa Stroup says most families forget to make a plan and share it with their extended family. She tells KBND she was pleased to see so many families at the event, getting ready before disaster strikes.  


September is National Preparedness month. State officials released an updated Cascadia Playbook earlier this month, identifying the Redmond Airport as a major staging area if a large scale quake hits western Oregon. 

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