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REDMOND, OR -- Recreational marijuana will be allowed to be sold at medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, beginning Thursday. The Redmond Patriots are holding a forum on the dangers of the drug, Monday evening, especially for young people. 


Mandi Pucket, certified Prevention Specialist and Executive Director of Clear Alliance, is on the panel. She tells KBND, "You know, parents need to be aware of things like vapor pens and e-cigarettes. These items can be disguised like pens, cell phones, Bluetooth and things they wouldn't necessarily think of. All the forms that marijuana is taking today, between edibles and joints, marijuana is morphing into new strains that parents really need to know how different it looks."


Also participating in the forum, retired Oregon Circuit Court Judge Gary Thompson and Emergency Room Tech Maggie Heising. Pucket says, "Our target audience is youth and parents and young adults; that's because they face significant risk with marijuana. With stores opening up on October first, that, to parents, means increased accessibility, increased availability." She adds, "Research shows when you increase access and availability, and you lower the perception of harm, that means youth use typically goes up. And, when you look at the stats from national surveys, that's what it shows. It shows perception of harm is going down and youth use is going up; and we want to prevent that from happening in communities throughout Oregon."


The Redmond Patriots forum begins at 6:30 p.m. at Highland Baptist Church. 

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