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Redmond All Day Kindergarten Going Well

REDMOND, OR -- The Redmond School District is now one month in to the first year of all-day kindergarten, and officials say it is going smoothly. Amber McCloud is the Pre-K to Kindergarten Transition Coordinator for the district, and tells KBND adjustments have been made to accommodate the young age of these 468 students. "Our teachers are making sure their activities are short – five to ten minute spurts of time, getting them up and moving; transitioning them from a sitting position working with their fine/gross motor skills, to getting up and singing songs. There’s a lot of action going on in that kindergarten room and a lot of learning."


Superintendent Mike McIntosh says alternating activities helps build up their stamina. "I know we get reports from parents who are getting their kids everyday that kids are going home tired; that’s normal for first and second graders too. So, we’re hearing the normal things, things to be expected. But, I’m not hearing or seeing any great big red flags saying this is an impossible task or a challenge that we can’t do." He encourages parents to create a regular after-school routine with kids, and maintain open communication with teachers.
All-day kindergarten launched statewide September, mandated by the Legislature.

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