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Greg Walden Throws Support Behind Paul Ryan

BEND, OR -- Despite House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation announcement, House Republicans have yet to identify a clear front-runner for his replacement. Congressman Greg Walden (R-OR) is fifth in line for party leadership but he tells KBND, at this point, he’s not interested in the position. "I’ve got plenty to do on my own and I very much support Paul Ryan. I was asked if I would step in on an interim basis or something. I said I’ve never turned down a tough job that I’ve been asked to do. If the conference came to me and said ‘you’re the one who can bridge on an interim basis and get us healed up and back together’ I wouldn’t say no. Then that got interpreted that I’m off running for speaker – No."


He adds, "I have an important job to do, but I’ll do what I can to help, it’s that helpful. But, my full focus and goal is seeing to it Paul [Ryan] has all the information he needs to make a decision that’s right for him, his district and his family."  Walden calls Ryan "An incredibly smart policy wonk, a dear friend, we were both elected together back in ’98. I’m a big fan of his, I think he’s one of very few in our conference that can bridge the ideological divides that exist when you any 247 people in a common room literally from every corner of the country." Ryan has said he doesn’t want the job, despite the support of several in the GOP.


Walden says selecting a new Speaker is no easy task – partly because of the tough job description - and partly because the appointment requires a majority vote of the entire House.


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