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Worldwide Earthquake Drill Takes Place Today

BEND, OR -- At 10:15 on 10/15 – Thursday – Oregonians will “Drop, Cover and Hold On” for the largest earthquake drill ever. Cory Grogan, with the state office for Emergency Management, tells KBND the Great Oregon ShakeOut is part of a worldwide one-day effort. "It raises awareness about a threat we have here in Oregon. We know that an event similar to Indonesia in 2004 and also in Japan in 2011, can happen here in Oregon. And really, the best way to get prepared for that is to practice." More than 40 million people are expected to participate in the ShakeOut, across the globe.


Grogan says it's easy to participate and anyone can join in. "We have such a great variety of participation – whether that be individuals, families, business/industry, tribal, state and federal government entities, and we’re actually very pleased to say that in the last two years we’ve nearly doubled participation. For the ShakeOut, we have more than 530,000 Oregonians registered now," says Grogan. That jump is likely due to all the publicity in recent months about the risk of a catastrophic earthquake on the Oregon coast. He adds, "No matter where you are, you can participate by dropping, covering and holding on. And, the reason we do the Drop, Cover and Hold on Drill, during the earthquake shaking there will be flying objects, you could fall. So, the number one priority is to make sure you are safe by dropping, covering and holding on before evacuating."
Registration is free but encouraged. Click HERE to sign up to participate and learn more.



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