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Bend Close to Rec Pot Business Rules

BEND, OR -- Bend’s Marijuana Technical Advisory Committee is closer to sending a list of recommendations to City Councilors, regarding recreational pot businesses. The group met Thursday to discuss how far these newly legal businesses should be from each other and from schools, parks, libraries and other places kids frequent. City Manager Eric King says there is already a 1,000-foot buffer zone around existing medical marijuana dispensaries. "As the committee has been looking at maps and buffers, depending on how far you go, you could essentially restrict very few additional facilities – recreational or medical – from siting here in Bend. So, that’s what the committee is grappling with. How much is appropriate through these buffers, because you really could start to limit some things if you get more restrictive."


"Then, the other component is ensuring that these facilities are operating in a good neighborly fashion. So, issues of odor and signage and other things that neighbors might be concerned about, are being addressed," says King. City Councilors hope to have rules in place by the end of the year. The state will begin licensing recreational marijuana retailers in early January. 


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