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Security Changes at Roberts Field

REDMOND, OR -- This year has been one of transitions for the Redmond Airport. An improving economy has brought a record number of visitors through Roberts Field, some security procedures are changing, and personnel are moving forward after the resignation of the airport’s most recent Director over the summer. Mayor George Endicott says the City Manager has decided, at this point, not to replace the Director. "He’s taken three of the assistant managers and sort of made a triumvirate that are running the airport – an admin person, a security person and then an ops person. So, the team collectively is running the airport and it’s working very well."

Earlier this week, City Councilors approved a change to the airport’s exclusion ordinance. "We just passed an ordinance establishing an exclusion clause, which means if you have someone who is extremely disruptive, they can literally be banned from the airport for 30 days," Endicott tells KBND. "Now, having said that, the person has two appeals that they can possibly do." In the past, only Redmond Police were allowed to exclude someone from Roberts Field. That change takes effect immediately.
And, Mayor Endicott adds, "We hired a new person in security, part time. The badge situation, and FAA rules and all that, it’s just kind of crazy; I mean, that whole admin process. So, we hired a part time person to help our security person with that."

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