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BEND, OR -- The Methodist Church in downtown Bend plans to open a one-day-a-week homeless center, starting next month. Sally Lybarger told City Councilors this week, "After meeting with a lot of people, ministers, etc., we are about to open a center for the homeless center. The Methodist Church serves breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m. on Wednesdays. So, they're going to open their facility up for the whole day, until 4 p.m."


Lybarger, who has been homeless in the past, says this is a trial run to see if people come out. "We're hoping to expand from the one day, but this is sort of our test run. We're opening on November fourth. You never know if people are going to come. We're quite excited with the progress, but we've been working on this for several months."


The homeless will be able to eat, play games, access computers and shower at the church.

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